About Restolax

As a company, we stand behind our key values

Restolax began in May 2014 in INDIA with the sole purpose of helping to improve the health and wellbeing of Indian’s through the use of premium quality portable massage devices initially and bring massage chairs to meet the needs of full body massage.

Leaders in innovation

Restolax is about innovation. We aim to bring the most advanced technology from around the world to your home – or your place of work – to enable you to achieve optimal levels of wellbeing, and have personally sourced some of the best products in the market which combine key elements of traditional massage with leading edge AI technology. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to easily customise your treatments to your needs, enabling you to achieve optimal results.

Restolax cares our customers, we provide a one stop solutions and various product range to the local people to meet their needs. Starting from Well-being.


As a partner to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious massage chair and device brands in the world, not only do we stand by our own promise of premium quality products at affordable prices, you have the promise of our global partners whose reputation as market leaders is based on the quality of products they deliver.

We exist to offer world-class innovative wellness products

As the largest and the most professional retailer of electronic massagers in India , Restolax believes in sourcing and providing the best quality products possible, to contribute to the wellbeing of all Indian’s

We work with the best of the world

We love to hear from you and have a growing digital footprint through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, Mailchimp,YouTube and our respective partnerships, making communication easier.

We also know and believe that anyone who purchases a product from us understands the value and importance of their wellbeing and our goal is to meet your needs, your expectations and your required level of service, giving you peace of mind that you have made the best buying decision possible. To help you with this, we pride ourselves in our after-sales service and regularly undertake customer feedback surveys to ensure we’re meeting our clients needs.

We can also provide more detailed consumer information about any of our products helping you understand if you’re choosing the best equipment for you and your budget, and to enable you to gain maximum benefits from your purchases to support your wellness.

Our vision was to bring India the best and most innovative professional wellness products from around the world

Your health is your wealth. Invest in you and live a happier, more vibrant future for years to come.


Our goal is to always meet our customers’ needs, either through our online store or pre and after sale service, or when visiting us in one of our 11 retail and experience stores nationwide. We endeavour to provide a one stop relaxation solution for all of our customers and have sourced products with your needs in mind – from portable massagers to massage chairs that can cater to your massage needs from head to toe!


Our vision was to bring India the best and most innovative professional wellness products from around the world, giving our customers the opportunity to relax and support their own wellbeing any time they want or need it.

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