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Welcome to the ultimate relaxation destination for massage chairs in Delhi! At Restolax, we understand the importance of rejuvenation and self-care in today’s fast-paced world, and we are here to offer you the perfect solution: state-of-the-art massage chairs that provide an exceptional and therapeutic experience in the comfort of your own home. Our massage chair price in Delhi is very competitive. Book a Free Demo at a Experience Center Near You.

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As a partner to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious massage chair and device brands in the world, not only do we stand by our own promise of premium quality products at affordable prices, you have the promise of our global partners whose reputation as market leaders is based on the quality of products they deliver.

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Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by bringing the luxury of a professional massage into your home with our top-of-the-line massage chairs. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience and let the stresses of the day melt away. With our massage chairs in Delhi, you’ll discover a whole new level of well-being and rejuvenation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Connect with our professional and trustworthy sales representatives who are experienced and will guide you in choosing the right Massage Chair.

    Our Massage Chairs Starts from 1.75 lakhs to 5.4 Lakhs depending on Features and Aesthetics.

    Connect with our professional and trustworthy sales representatives who are experienced and will guide you in choosing the right product based on your requirements.

    All Our Products come with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty and 4 Years of Service Warranty, So You can Relax with Comfort.

    We Accept all major Payments like Debit Cards, Credit Cards, COD, and Online Transfers. We also provide EMI Facility for our Massage Chairs.

    There are no right or wrong answers here, beyond any warnings that may be included in the owner’s manual of the particular model you’ve purchased. For instance, on some value-priced models, you’ll see warnings about not using their product for more than thirty minutes at a time, with a thirty-minute cooldown, not for you, but for the chair!

    There’s nothing harmful about getting a massage, so enjoy one as often as you like. The worst thing that will happen is that you’ll feel a lot more relaxed, and might get a better night’s sleep – that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?


    The Value and Importance of their Physical Wellbeing

    Our vision was to bring India the best and most innovative professional wellness products from around the world

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    Your health is your wealth. Invest in you and live a happier, more vibrant future for years to come.

    Restolax cares our customers, we provide a one stop solutions and various product range to the local people to meet their needs. Starting from Well-being.

    We Follow Best Practices

    As the largest and the most professional retailer of electronic massagers in India , Restolax believes in sourcing and providing the best quality products possible, to contribute to the wellbeing of all Indian’s

    Whar Our Clients Say


    Kings Elite Massage Chair

    Naghma Kouser

    This chair is for all family members. I bought this chair for my parents . They use this Kings Elite chair daily & very helpful for relaxation & blood circulation. I am satisfied with this Restolax Kings Elite massage chair. This chair is having lots of features & for every family members.

    iSnazz Massage Chair

    Raja Bhaksh

    Our family was very pleased with the arrival of the isnazz massage chair. This is an affordable price and space saving design that fit our requirements. The various mode of massage functions cater for different desirable effect on our body. The bluetooth speaker, voice command function was also a great additional features. Will recommend to all friends and relatives

    Legacy Massage Chair

    Mahesh Babu

    I recently purchased Legacy Massage Chair. It is the best massage chair for me in the market. It is very easy to operate and very good in service. I really enjoy the massage from this chair. It is very good for my body and mind. I'm really impressed with the massage chair. It is very efficient in relaxing my body and mind. The massage chair is very comfortable and supportive. It is a good choice for the people who do not have time to go to the spa or massage centre in order to get a body massage.

    Admiral Massage Chair


    I bought this Admiral Massage Chair to help ease issues I've had with my back and neck. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my lower back and neck. I find this chair to be great for my back and neck issues. Since I've been using it, I have been feeling better. The full body massage chair does a great job on my back, neck and shoulders. I find it to be relaxing and I look forward to using it. It is able to massage the different parts of the body like the neck, head, waist, hip, legs, and shoulders.

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